Guitar heroes

A little break from the painting, I’ve been practicing my uke, learning chords, trying to play without looking at my hands. In august I got a new neighbor called Norma. She also plays guitar, and asked if i wanted to practice together. She has written a few songs, which I added a second harmony to. She then told me one evening “Heidi, we are joining a folksong evening”. “Sure! “I said. Knowing very well I can’t play well enough yet, to perform confidently on a stage. But never mind. I flow on Norma’s confidence.

Practicing at home, we managed to make it sound reasonably ok.

Practicing at home

On stage we were a bit nervous. We played some chords wrong and made a few mistakes, but not more than we got away with. It was something to do with having a mic stuck in my face and actual people looking at us. I glad we were the first ones on stage this evening, the people who sang after us were quite pro. Guitar solos and everything. This might have stolen my courage. We got some nice feedback, saying the songs were fun and happy, so how can we not be pleased with that.

Now I can tick that off the list of scary things to try. We are going to a mental health ward next, to play some happy tunes for them. I have even tried writing a new song, which was a lot of fun! Looking forward to it!

On stage

Work in progress

The day that is gone

Seek and find

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  1. Oh wow, Heides! What a beautiful voice you have. And how incredibly brave. Can’t believe ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ was less than a year ago, and now you’re on stage. Well done!

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