Portrait 13: girl with a plastic earring

Mixed media on canvas
Acrylics, collage and acrylic inks
30x30cm (2cm deep)

This started from a different photo reference. I worked at it for a few hours, then realized: the photo just didn’t have enough information in it, it was too pixellated and just didn’t work. So, I had to do what I am not good at: kill my baby.

Time to kill this ugly baby!

With the next photo i was more aware of choosing one with high res and good color and shade info. This got  to a stage I was pleased with in less than an hour! This always happens when the photo reference is really good, so spending extra time finding a good shot is really important!

What I learned:

  • I like the combination of super realistic with keeping some of the collage background for the back of the head/neck looking loose and abstract.
  • i find that realistic/abstract emphasizes the realistic parts more than if the whole painting had been realistic, as well as emphasizing the beautiful lines the crease of her neck and collarbone creates as she turns her head.
  • Repeating the green (not so visible in the photo, but very noticeable on the canvas) of the earring at the base of the painting and turquoise around the head makes the warm skin colors pop.