portrait 10: silhouette

 I felt like doing something very different from the previous portraits. Less sculpted skin, more texture and not trying to control  the shapes too much. I added the hand afterwards, and that was tricky, as the head was created with background … Read More

Portrait 9, polkadots

Bought some new collage paper, and this one is getting the polkadot treatment, I love dots, and finally i get to use it in a big painting!

I really enjoyed going this close up, it’s like the familiar body … Read More

Portrait 8, babytime

My first commission! A friend of mine just became a grandmother and wanted a portrait of the new family treasure, this is little Thea. i choose the reference photo which shows her slightly neutral, not too much smile, but still … Read More

Portrait 7

Mixed media on Hutonitt panel Acrylics, collage and acrylic inks 50x58cm (0.3cm deep)

Work in progress… Third portrait in the going large series, the skin is getting more realistic, the background elements simpler. I enjoy painting faces … Read More

Portrait 6

Mixed media on huntonitt panel Acrylics, collage and acrylic inks 50x58cm (0.3cm deep)

Same background collage series as portrait 5. It was intended as a series, but the skin hues are totally different, so they work better as individual pieces. … Read More

portrait 5, going big

I just recently practiced painting skin, making a large hand. I really enjoyed going big! The shadows and colors stand out like independent shapes and blocks, there is room to see what is going on! I can puzzle it together … Read More

Back to basics

To this page i add practice pieces. I use tutorials and experiments to get better and more in control of my paintbrushes and colors.

Big hand

Copying to learn skin tones, from Javier Arizabalo, who makes incredible realistic oil … Read More

Portrait 3 and 4, the twins

    Renee and I jump straight into our next portraits, days before i head over to Australia. I decide to go for smaller scale, but do 2, that will be related in terms of style and color. I … Read More

Rock men

Spending 3 weeks in the pristine nature of NZ does something to your soul. Wandering along the Lake Hawea seafront, I find an endless supply of rocks and pebbles. The lines and shape of the pebbles has recognizable patterns, they … Read More

Portrait nr. 2: painting your friend…

For our second portrait challenge, Renee and I decided to paint each other. In retrospect, this was a bold decision at this stage of our progress. As if we weren’t precious enough about our paintings already. Go here to see … Read More